Introducting Base UI for sketch app

Design Faster
Than Ever

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Start your design projects in the right way – this is the idea behind Base UI. We built it to help you create a beautiful website for the story you want to tell. Get things done faster. And better.


Truly individual

Pick your own colors – it’s fairly easy.
You can use gradients, flat colors or even images.
Just click on the fill you want to change and see a
brand-new UI kit made just for you.


Your custom font sets

In a large project creating text styles could take
forever. Base UI allows you to use any custom
typeface you want for each individual project.
Just customize them, it’s super easy.

Can we try Futura instead of Trueno please? Sure! I’ll send you mockup right now, hold on.

Easy content

Accelerate your workflow by placing data with a
single click. Use solid content
and stop wasting time with lorem ipsum.


180 ready-to-use screens

Base UI contain 180 beautiful screens and 10 quick-start templates that you can combine. It’s the best starting point for your promo site. Just choose a template you like, insert your content and use. It’s that simple.


Lightning fast workflow

Designing with Base UI is a smooth experience all around. Pick your screens, adjust a hue, control typefaces, and so much more. It’s like a Bootstrap
for Sketch. That’s why we love it. You can design faster and better.

So many options

Explore early concepts or pioneer new design patterns – an entire design workflow in one smart tool. Everything can be changed or left intact. You’re in control.